Monday, October 12, 2015


This week in the mission has been so great! My spanish is coming along, a little. But all is well! Cool experience. my comp and I were teaching one of investigators for the first time! We sang How Great Thou Art and our investigator started to cry. She then said to us, It is different from when we sing it in the Catholic church. A good different.. 

The spirit touches the lives of others, Hymns invite the Spirit to our homes and in our hearts. I´m grateful for music and the opportunity we have to use it in building the kingdom of God! 

Everything is going great here in Mexico! I´m getting darker and darker, every day! I can´t believe it. lol. Also, the people down here think that my hands are really big. And they said that if I were to smack someone, I would leave a mark across their face... What in the world?!! LOL! I´m a disciple of Christ! I don´t use my hands to smack people, I use them to help people! haha, these people are so funny! 

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well! I pray for you all every night! 
Have a great week, family and friends!

Ofa ¨Lahi Atu!

Hermana Kinikini
Hi Family and Friends!

How did everyone like conference?! It was awesome, even though I watched it all in Spanish and didn´t understand a thing! Haha, but all is well! Mexico is pretty different, but I´m happy to be here! My Mission President and his wife, Hermana Egginton are super awesome! I love them with all my heart! My companion is Hermana Herrera. She´s a native, so basically we act out what we´re trying to say to each other. Haah! 

The members here are very friendly and loving! They asked me where I was from and I told them I´m from Utah, but my ethnicity is Tongan! They always say,"Ahh! Como Kolipoki!" and I just smile and nod! Lol, every time they ask me to speak Tongan, I just say, "Oku masani ai mae ko toa.. Ofa I Api.." hahaha! They think that I can speak Tongan, but little do they know, I´m the whitest tongan ever. LOL! 

The mission has been different. But I put my trust in the Lord. I know He wants me to be here, so here is where I will be! I´m grateful to be a missionary! 

I love you all very much! Have a great week!

-- Hermana Kinikini
1. Me and Hermana Shaw! She's my twin! lol, she's so hilarious!
2. Hermanas in the Zone 21 (best zone in all the MTC's across the world.. lol)